eBook – Amazing Wonders of Afghanistan – Jonathan Lee

Afghanistan is a Central Asia country with an estimated population of some thirty million people. Over fifty languages are spoken in the country, which reflects the diverse cultural backgrounds of this nation’s people and history. As a result of invasion and migration over many centuries, Afghanistan has a rich and ancient heritage which includes influences … More eBook – Amazing Wonders of Afghanistan – Jonathan Lee

What is so Amazing about Afghanistan?

New eBook: Amazing Wonders of Afghanistan Afghanistan’s diverse and ancient cultural heritage is well known and has led many authors to refer to the country as ‘The Crossroads of Asia’, ‘The Crossroads of Civilizations, ‘The Heart of Asia’ and so on.  ‘Crossroads’ of course could be applied to many countries which, like Afghanistan, straddle ancient … More What is so Amazing about Afghanistan?

Zarin Anzor – A Voice from Inside

From ancient times to our modern era, Afghanistan has always been a country dotted with walls. Traditional family compounds known as qalas (“forts”), especially in Pashtun areas, are almost impassable because of massive mud or brick walls. When someone purchases property nowadays, the new owner makes certain that solid walls surround the property before he … More Zarin Anzor – A Voice from Inside

عجایب تاریخی افغانستان – جاناتان لی

مؤلف کتاب درین اثر خود شماری از مناطق تاریخی افغانستان مانند طلاتپه، برخی آثار تاریخی هرات باستان، میراث بودا در بامیان، منار جام، شهر کهنۀ قندهار، منارهای درۀ لوگر، بالاحصار یا ارگ تاریخی کابل، باغ­های بابر، آی خانم، منار جام و غیره را به معرفی گرفته است. همچنان درین کتاب از شماری از عنعنات فرهنگی … More عجایب تاریخی افغانستان – جاناتان لی