eBook – Blood Stains – Arley Loewen

Blood Stains a novel Afghan story
by Arley Loewen

Akram comes from AfghanistanBlood Stains, but has settled in Pakistan for many years. Struggling to make a living with his small corner shop, Akram notices some young boys playing cricket. Thought from the past times flood his mind. Then a refugee family moves into their neighborhood, only to add more challenges to his life. He only wants to help them, thinking this will give him some good ‘sawab’ and honor, but life unravels before him – his home, his efforts of kindness, and worst of all, his past.

Thankfully, Baba Sharif, a long-time elderly friend and a great storyteller, guides Akram and his two young sons with helpful advice. Baba Sharif grew up as a traditional Persian wrestler and entertains Akram’s sons with endless stories of wrestlers and his own experiences.

As Akram becomes more entangled with their new neighbors, one stain from the past he thought to left behind is too much for Akram to handle.

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