Zarin Anzor – A Voice from Inside

From ancient times to our modern era, Afghanistan has always been a country dotted with walls. Traditional family compounds known as qalas (“forts”), especially in Pashtun areas, are almost impassable because of massive mud or brick walls. When someone purchases property nowadays, the new owner makes certain that solid walls surround the property before he … More Zarin Anzor – A Voice from Inside

عجایب تاریخی افغانستان – جاناتان لی

مؤلف کتاب درین اثر خود شماری از مناطق تاریخی افغانستان مانند طلاتپه، برخی آثار تاریخی هرات باستان، میراث بودا در بامیان، منار جام، شهر کهنۀ قندهار، منارهای درۀ لوگر، بالاحصار یا ارگ تاریخی کابل، باغ­های بابر، آی خانم، منار جام و غیره را به معرفی گرفته است. همچنان درین کتاب از شماری از عنعنات فرهنگی … More عجایب تاریخی افغانستان – جاناتان لی

How we’ve got our first book review on Amazon…

Last week we decided to give away the novel ‘Blood Stains’ for free. We’ve started a promo campaign through for 21 days. More than 100 people already downloaded the book and we received our first review! Insights into Afghan culture “The numerous subplots were a bit tangled in the beginning for me, but in the … More How we’ve got our first book review on Amazon…

What happened when I decided to give away a book for free

Last week I decided to give away the eBook Bloodstains for free. So I uploaded the book to Storycartel. After a few days the book was approved for the free promo. Which I started almost immediately. Now after two days there are already more than 50 downloads. For me that’s encouraging… Especially because there are … More What happened when I decided to give away a book for free

Why I Decided to Give a Book Away for Free

Arley Loewen is an expert on Middle Eastern and Central Asian cultures, with a doctorate from the University of Toronto. He has lived among and worked with Afghan people for several decades. He is an active writer and leadership trainer for shame-honor societies, where masculine power holds sway in most sectors of life.  Recently his … More Why I Decided to Give a Book Away for Free

Amazing Wonders of Afghanistan 1.3

Afghanistan still continues to produce remarkable discoveries, discoveries which often force scholars to rewrite history of whole eras. They include the earliest know Buddhist religious texts; a cache (or genizah) of early mediaeval Hebrew manuscripts; the Tela (Tellya) Tepe treasure; the Rabatak Bactrian inscription; the monumental Sasanid rock carving outside Pul-i Khumri, and excavations by … More Amazing Wonders of Afghanistan 1.3