What happened when I decided to give away a book for free

Last week I decided to give away the eBook Bloodstains for free. So I uploaded the book to Storycartel. After a few days the book was approved for the free promo. Which I started almost immediately. Now after two days there are already more than 50 downloads. For me that’s encouraging… Especially because there are still 19 days to go, to download this book for free. Even though I didn’t write this book, I’m proud of it to be part of the publishing process. The book contains a great story many of which is inspired by real life experience of the author, Arley Loewen. Besides this, is the book illustrated with 24 beautiful pictures, drawn by the Afghan artist, Najib.

So if you’re curious were I’m proud of, I would say: ‘take your chance and download it for free‘.
I’m looking forward to your review about this book.


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