Blood Stains: a Novel Afghan Story – Free eBook

Only available for FREE, for about 10 more days! Be sure you have downloaded your copy.

“The stories of Baba Sharif were a real pleasure to read and had great life lessons as they unveiled some insights of Afghan culture and also life lessons for everyone. I think this book would be useful for those interested in Afghanistan and those wanting to use it to teach some relationship skills.”

Arley Loewen is a specialist on Middle Eastern and Central Asian cultures, with a doctorate from the University of Toronto. He has lived among and worked with Afghan people for several decades. Dr. Loewen is author of numerous books on leadership and shame-honor culture, two published by Oxford. Dr. Loewen is in high demand as a leadership trainer for shame-honor societies, where masculine power holds sway in most sectors of life. The novel, Bloodstains, highlights the struggle of an Afghan refugee family, the husband seeking to maintain his dignity while living with haunting memories from his youth.

Here you can download your FREE ebook, your honest review would be appreciated.


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