A heartbreaking story, with a little piece of hope

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a heartbreaking story that explores one of the major bad things of humanity. But throughout the book there is always a little piece of hope.

Uncle TomHarriet Beecher Stowe left us a great legacy by writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The book is focused on the plight of African American slaves in eighteenth-century USA. Even in this modern time you can see the amazing legacy of this story through the fantastic plot. Uncle Tom a very special and lovingly character is followed throughout the book in his trials and is matched   even in this modern day, to see why: the amazing legacy is matched by the fantastic plot which follows the irresistibly good character Uncle Tom through his trials and irritations under different slave owners, while Ms. Beecher Stowe is knitting his life together with various other slaves. It is at once an exciting but also a shocking story. No surprise that already thousands of this book has been sold in different languages.

The changing plot makes this a book you’ll keep on reading. Of course, the dominant theme of slavery woven throughout the novel makes for a deeply disturbing lesson in the History of not just the USA but also of the world. Through this story we can learn about the damaging effects of separation of families and loved ones… A cruel reminder of the way in which slaves were treated and a lesson to value every human life.

Even though this is an old story, I would encourage you to read this book. It gives some good insights in different aspects of slavery. Let’s work together to prevent that history will repeat it selves, wherever you are, there is always a little piece of hope.

Rahmat Publications translated this story into Dari and abridged it for children and young adults. Currently we distributed already over 4,000 copies in Dari!

If you read Persian (Dari) make sure you get your copy from one of the 100 bookstores in Afghanistan our books are.


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